Building a New Movement

Climate change is an issue that won’t go away.  

Given this clear and present danger to the health of the planet, and the future of our society, any rational person would want to do something.  We think that the healthy debate is in the middle, between government regulations, funding R&D for solar energy and batteries, revising the laws governing the utilities, and/or allowing the market to solve for this problem.

While we promote a broad coalition, that coalition must also be built to develop the political will to take action, provide for jobs, and benefit the most number of people.  The truth is that while the fossil fuel industry globally employs a lot of people, a clean energy economy could employ a lot more.

And, our belief is that we can incentivize market behavior by giving credit to organizations and companies that promote and fund clean energy solutions that benefit the poorest people on the planet.  There is a leapfrog potential where countries that have little in the way of fossil fuel infrastructure can bypass that stage and move directly into clean energy grids.  Such an agenda should be at the top of policy makers efforts when considering the uses for climate funds.

This is a critical time, organizations will be putting out new agendas and striking new alliances.  Our role is to be a rational, forceful voice for the pricing of carbon and mechanisms that can work for the most number of people.  We cannot solve climate without also addressing the gap between the have and the have-nots globally.

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Better World Credits is an exempt organization as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service, under section 501c3.  Tax ID is 87-0809000.

Better World Credits convenes, informs, and advocates for market pricing of carbon. More broadly we promote mechanisms for financing global climate and sustainability solutions that work for people.